While you are there…

Posted by CL McGown on December 7, 2017
Category: Donor, Volunteer
I have very clear memories from my childhood of being in my room and my mom saying, “While you are downstairs, please get       fill in the blank    .”  Of course, I hadn’t planned to go downstairs anytime soon.    I was doing something else.   But, I learned (mostly by watching the ill-advised responses of my brother) that such a request was merely my parents’ way of telling me what they wanted. I
First, the easy part:  It’s good! The Salvation Army is blessed by the public’s monetary support to provide assistance to those affected by disaster. “I am the humble steward of other people’s generosity” Further, we are blessed by individual and institutional integrity to carry out the ministry the public supported. “I am the faithful executor of others’ goodwill.” Thus endth the easy:  Now what? I believe the “now what” for disaster donors is a three-step